About Us

What a thoughtful thing to gift someone in Canada a wine club or to join one yourself! However, the US and Canadian governments must make this task more complex. As a result, Canadians usually cannot purchase US wine subscriptions (there are rare exceptions involving very high fees).

We advise you to rate Canadian businesses if you want to join the Canadian Wine of the Month Club. Most people accept payments in US currency.

You may discover a list of the top Canadian wine clubs on our website.

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How it Works?

Canadian wine clubs will send you exceptional, award-winning wine every month.

Recurring packages

An exceptional Canadian winery will send you a carefully chosen sample of their wine every month, along with tasting notes, wine evaluations and ratings, and advice from our Wine Experts on what foods to match it with.

The Ideal Gift

You may give a membership to anyone in Canada or test one monthly. It’s the ideal present for holidays, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Choose a Canadian wine club choice from our menu.

Our Wine Specialists

Our team of wine experts, which renowned wine critic Tony Aspler heads, sampled, reviewed, and selected each wine included in the Wine Club.

Shipping is free

Your wine club membership fee includes all shipping expenses, taxes, and deposits. You will only pay this fee, which is what you see here.