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The wine industry may be very intimidating. As a result, we established a monthly wine subscription box, it’s intended to give you a tour of the wine globe. With each delivery, you’ll improve your knowledge and palate so you can confidently explore the wine world!


Enjoy distinctive bottles of bold reds or crisp whites with every box, depending on your preference. Each bottle is carefully chosen from some of the top vineyards across the globe. We offer the finest of the best, whether you're looking for an Australian Shiraz or a Californian Zinfandel.


We outline the fundamental guidelines for pairing the wine with the grub. In addition, a food pairing guide is included in every box sent as part of the subscription so that you may stock up on snacks before enjoying your wines.


The finest type of present is one that goes on giving, which is what our membership is! Every membership meant to be a gift is eligible for a free personalized greeting card!

Wine clubs in Canada

Choosing the proper wine club as the ideal wine to drink can be difficult. But don’t be concerned—we are here to guide you through the mess. To help you choose the finest wine club membership, we have chosen the top 5 wine clubs in Canada.

Three membership levels are available in Canadian wine of the month clubs: Wine Enthusiast, Wine Expert, and Wine Master. Each has different costs and services.

Wine Academy Toronto

Wine Academy is a location of undeniable casual class. The concept was developed in 2013 and then wholly realized once it was introduced in 2016.

The club is a venue meant to appeal to various wants, all of which may be satisfied by a glass or three of wine, with a state-of-the-art wine cellar serving as the center of attention at one end and commanding attention with its floor-to-ceiling partition walls.

Wine Academy is a meeting spot for your celebrations, personal or professional, and is located only steps from the bustle of Canada’s busiest streets, boardrooms, and floors.

glass of wine corks

Opimian Wine Club de Vin

The largest wine club in Canada, “Opimian Wine Club De Vin,” ranks first on the list of the greatest wine clubs in Canada.

Founded in 1973 by John Sambrook, Ken Christie MW, and a small group of friends who wanted to exchange fine wines, Opimian is a nonprofit wine club. Due to the club’s access to wines normally unavailable in Canada, the club has more than 10,000 members worldwide.

From more than 100 wine producers and 120 wine regions, Opimian offers more than 500 delectable wines. Each of their wines has been meticulously chosen to accommodate every palate and every price range.

This club sponsors several events every year, including “Cellar In a Snap- South Africa,” which is set for January 9, 2021. Thanks to the circumstances, you get the ideal opportunity to learn more about Opimian’s wines.

Wine Collective

The finest wine clubs are: One of Canada’s most significant monthly wine clubs is called “Wine Collective.”

The Wine Collective, a monthly wine club founded in 2009, offers you well-chosen, difficult-to-find wines from around the world. Depending on your plan, you will receive 6, 4, or at least two bottles of wine each month. In addition, they provide five different packages to fit any budget.

Additionally, you can access their membership’s online descriptions of the wines you receive, including tasting notes and wine and food pairings ideas.

You can cancel your monthly membership at a time, which is automatically renewed each month.

Charlie’s Burgers

Charlie’s Burgers is ranked number 3 on Canada’s top wine clubs. This is because the name has a unique tone. Don’t let the club’s name fool you, though. Some of the most excellent reviews for wine may be found at Charlie’s Burgers.

Since 2009, Charlie’s Burgers has included some of the best wines in its supper menu. But in 2013, they launched their “C.B. Wine Program.” In addition, they provide a monthly wine delivery service, particularly to wine lovers in Toronto.

Wine club Charlie’s Burgers has won awards. On the list of “100 Best New Food & Drink Experiences in the World,” it was ranked third best. The C.B. Wine Program and the C.B. Wine Reserve Program are two separate subscriptions the club provides, with prices starting at $117 monthly & $699.5 quarterly.

Wine Club

The “Wine Club,” which offers quality and rare Canadian wines, comes in second on the list of the top wine clubs in Canada.

The wisest decision you can make is to sign up for the “Wine Club,” as Tony Aspler and a team of wine specialists choose the wines that are distributed to the members. Sixteen wine books have been written by Aspler, who also writes a wine column for the Toronto Star.

The three subscription plans offered by this club—the wine expert, the wine master, and the wine enthusiast—start at $69, $99, and $197 a month, respectively.

You can modify your package to suit your needs. For example, if you prefer white wines, go for them; if you prefer red wines above all else, choose red.

Canadian wine clubs offer

Your wine horizons will be expanded with a monthly subscription. All wines in canadian wine clubs are purchased straight from knowledgeable wine brokers who scour the world for the most outstanding vintages.


Each month, your Wine Club Canada package will arrive with a selection of delectable accoutrements and fantastic wines. Your experience will be nothing less than outstanding since every aspect of your membership has been thoroughly thought out.


You will learn everything there is to know about your wine from each monthly shipment, which includes a behind-the-scenes look at the producers' processes and the history of the vineyards. As a result, it becomes rather lovely, from regional family traditions to antiquated farming practices.


We would like to share our wine experts' suggestions for swirling, smelling, and tasting these canadian wines. Your relatives and acquaintances will be impressed with your knowledge of regions, grape varieties, and the distinctive qualities of your bottles. Is it just the two of us, or can you smell fresh tobacco?

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