wine club and wine in a glass

Why sign up for a wine club?

We’ll be the first to confess that our response to this question is somewhat prejudiced. Even so, we have a compelling case for why you should consider doing so (if you haven’t already).

No matter which club you join, you will always benefit from the following:

  • Convenience. Finding someone who doesn’t appreciate the convenience of having wine delivered right to their home is challenging.
  • Curation. The club will sort through the many bottles to bring you the finest of the best.
  • Experience. Receiving their wines has been compared by several of our members as having “Christmas every month.”
  • Education. Wine clubs enjoy presenting their wealth of information to you in a way that is easy to understand and share.
  • Exposure. Try wines you would not have chosen for yourself or otherwise had access to.

The neighbourhood booze store may be right around the corner, and you may genuinely love browsing the aisles and admiring the attractive labels. However, the club is a way to complement, not completely replace, your current wine habits.

wine tasting

We value your time and your hard-earned paycheck. By providing you with a variety of wines that have already been pre-screened to be of the highest calibre and value, we strive to lessen the likelihood that your random purchase at the chain shop will flop. Great wine may be purchased on a budget!

Even a present from oneself is something you should receive. Wine clubs and most subscription clubs are excellent ways to treat yourself to something extraordinary. We want you to feel delighted when you see your mailman arrive because they also value us.

By accompanying us on this wine adventure, you will learn a few things and develop into a more knowledgeable wine consumer. You can confidently choose a bottle from the wine list or shelf with the correct information. It’s possible to discover wines you like but don’t adore as well as new favourites. The club experience is a fantastic method to find your valid wine preferences.

A sizable portion of the wines selected by Wine Academy Toronto is only available to club members. We work hard to discover distinctive and intriguing wines for our members. You give us the authority to look for wines we believe you will enjoy and that you most surely deserve by joining the club and becoming a part of the collective.