wine in a glass

Strange Wine Notes

Strange Stuff in Your Glass

If you’ve ever ventured into wine tasting, you probably came across some rather odd tasting notes. The many varied words wine tasters use to describe their beverage provide some appeal to the complex topic of wine. Wine may seem excellent or awful, but you may need to think more about it. That’s okay! We enjoy the fact that wine is unique to each person. But if you look a bit closer at wine-tasting notes, you’ll find some odd adjectives that could seem unpleasant. Some may even sound disgusting. We’ll thus discuss some of the weird notes wine tasters make nowadays and what they signify.
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Rubber tire

Don’t worry if you notice the smell of burnt rubber when you sniff your wine. This aroma may be present when a wine (typically Syrah) contains more pronounced sulphur compounds. Although it doesn’t harm the wine, since our capacity to taste and smell are closely related, a strong perfume may make you less likely to enjoy a glass of wine.

Sharpening pencils

Red wine

Remember your early school years and the hours you devoted to sharpening pencils in preparation for exams? These kinds of smells frequently stay in our brains for a lifetime. You could be transported back to the school, waiting in line to use the enormous pencil sharpener connected to the teacher’s desk, when you open a bottle of Bordeaux red wine. But, again, this aroma is sometimes terrible, and some fans even enjoy it.

Seat Leather

A distinct flavour that initially seems undesirable, but smelling saddle leather in your wine isn’t always something to be afraid of. Saddle leather flavour is frequently detected in wines that contain Brettanomyces, a kind of yeast. However, wine may be spoilt if the flavour is overpowering and takes away from its pleasant taste.

What You Enjoy Drinking

We could talk about strange wine notes for hours. Wine may generate a wide variety of tastes and odours. You want to enjoy the wine you’re drinking. Therefore, if the aroma of tire rubber or notes of saddle leather doesn’t appeal to you, that wine is not for you. Fortunately, there are countless possibilities in the enormous wine market, so you may genuinely enjoy yourself. Cheers!

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